Break Up the Blockage

Schedule snake drain cleaning in Manassas, VA

When facing a clogged drain, many homeowners will try to solve the problem themselves. Dumping chemicals or using a plunger only provides a temporary fix. There could be bigger problems lurking in your pipes that will cause clogs to come back again and again.

AAA Rooter & Drain Cleaning offers snake drain cleaning to clear your pipes of all debris and blockages. Call 703-483-5204 today to hire a professional to remove your drain blockage in Manassas, VA.

3 lasting benefits of snake drain cleaning

A drain snake has an auger at the end designed to break up persistent clogs in sinks, tubs and toilets. In addition to getting rid of the existing clog, there are other benefits to snake drain cleaning, including:

  1. Removing other potential clogs
  2. Reaching the exact location of a clog
  3. Eliminating the problem quickly and effectively

We will typically pair this service with hydro jetting in an effort to get your pipes as clean as possible. Contact AAA Rooter & Drain Cleaning to clear the clog from your drain.